This page provides access to the user data generated by the various PreferenceMatcher platforms. Both the raw datasets and cleaned datasets are provided in CSV format. In addition, the clean datasets are provided in SPSS (.sav) format. Each dataset event is accompanied by a codebook.

The party positions data for the May and June 2012 elections in Greece can be found here.

Note: Datasets from more recent events are uploaded once cleaned

Electoral Event Data Files
Saarland Regional 2017 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
The Netherlands Parliamentary 2017 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Georgia Parliamentary 2016 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Cyprus Parliamentary 2016 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Scotland Regional 2016 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Wales Regional 2016 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Northern Ireland Regional 2016 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Spain Parliamentary 2015 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Poland Parliamentary 2015 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Greece Parliamentary September 2015 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
United Kingdom Parliamentary 2015 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Greece Parliamentary January 2015 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Poland Local 2014 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Romania Presidential 2014 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Bulgaria Parliamentary 2014 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Greece Regional 2014 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
European Parliament Elections 2014 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Germany Federal Elections 2013 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Bulgaria Parliamentary 2013 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Ecuador Presidential 2013 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Cyprus Presidential 2013 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Catalunya Regional 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Basque Country Regional 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Galicia Regional 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Romania Parliamentary 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Georgia Parliamentary 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Greece Parliamentary June 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Greece Parliamentary May 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
London Mayoral 2012 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Turkey Parliamentary 2011 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Cyprus Parliamentary 2011 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Scotland Regional 2011 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Peru Presidential 2011 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Kerala State (India) 2011 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Greece Regional 2010 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]
Brazil Presidential 2010 [.csv] [.sav] [Raw] [Codebook]