PreferenceMatcher is an academic consortium involving political scientists, social psychologists, computer scientists, and communication specialists from the University of Zurich, University of Twente, Cyprus University of Technology and Oxford Brookes University who collaborate in developing e-literacy tools designed to enhance voter education. The online platforms built by the team are deployed during the electoral campaign and enable prospective voters to compare how their policy preferences overlap with the stated policy positions of the main parties/candidates. The idea behind such tools is to engage citizens and voters by allowing them to better define their own political preferences and to get informed about party/candidate positions across a whole range of policy issues.

PreferenceMatcher platforms have been deployed across Europe and Latin America. The aim of this portal is to provide links to the various sites and to act, more generally, as a repository of information about the team and the methodology powering the tools as well as providing open access to the datasets collected, and the published academic outputs from the research.